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Gunter Pressler

Study of New German Literature at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich (1983), master at New German Literature (1985), PhD at Language by University of São Paulo (1995). Visiting Professor of Latin American Study at the University of Berlin/FU (2013/14). Post-doctoral research on the Interdisciplinary Center for Narratology (ICN) University of Hamburg/Germany (fellow by CAPES) (2014/2015).

Janina Jacke

Janina Jacke is a Ph.D. student and research assistant in the team of Prof. Dr. Jan Christoph Meister, working on the narratological category of unreliable narration with regards to its theoretical background, definition, typology, and application conditions.

Research interests: narratology, theory of interpretation, methodology of literary studies, theory of fiction, Digital Humanities.

María Julia Westphal

María Julia Westphal is Ph.D. student with Prof. Dr. Inke Gunia at the University of Hamburg. She researches in the field of erotic in Costa Rica's female narrative. Her interests are feminist criticism, narratology, erotic literature written by women as expression of emancipation with a particular focus on Latin America.

Projects: Coloquio Norte de Hispanistas – Estudios Literarios (joint working group of Hispanists of the Universities of Bremen, Kiel and Hamburg)

mail: juliawestphal (at)

Martin Schneider

Martin Schneider is research associate (Postdoc) in the project Bühne und Bürgertum. Das Hamburger Stadttheater 1770–1850 at the department of German Literature (University of Hamburg).

His research interests in the field of narratology are anthropology (memory, identity), culture theory and narrative representations of event and eventfulness.

Mareike Höckendorff

Mareike Höckendorff is a Ph.D. student and research assistant at the University of Hamburg in the team of Prof. Dr. Jan Christoph Meister, working on the relations of cultural and narrative space.

Research interests: transmedial and computational narratology, Digital Humanities, contemporary German literature, cultural studies.

Mareike works in the eFoto-Hamburg project ( and for DARIAH-DE (

Magdolna Orosz

Magdolna Orosz is Professor of Modern German Literature in the Department for German Literature, Eötvös-Loránd-University Budapest (Hungary).

Research interests: narrative theory and possible worlds theory; self-reflexive narratives; phantastic literature and theory of the phantastic; intertextuality and intermediality; narrative literature in the ages of German Romanticism and in Fin-de-siècle literature


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