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Ein Plädoyer für das WWW: Möglichkeiten eines Internet-Portals (auf der Basis eines WCMS/Redaktionssystems) für die Geisteswissenschaften

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Pleading for the WWW: Aspects of an internet-portal (based on a Web Content Management System) for the humanities
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The system complex e-port/NarrPort developed for the FGN is to support and strengthen cooperative research activities by information technologies (IT), in order to use the possibilities of these modern technologies, in particular the WWW, in a prototypic effort for the humanities. Thus 'traditional' communication is not to be replaced but extended and intensified.

The system complex includes the internet portal NarrPort, based on a web content management system (WCMS), the groupware-system e-Port and modules for internal communication and the working processes of the FGN. The components and tools of e-Port/NarrPort had been developed for the specific needs in the humanities.

The project is described as a model for internet and intranet-supported communication and cooperative research in the humanities; the conception and the structure of e-Port/NarrPort are outlined also by means of diagrams. The authors give a report of the realization of the project, in order to make up a preliminary balance of the experiences in handling e-Port/NarrPort.

In: Kugler, Hartmut et al. (ed.): Vorträge des Erlanger Germanistentags, Bielefeld 2002, pp. 769–782.